About Us

“Made with amore. Clothing made locally and environmentally conscious. We are LA Frenchie.

Our History

Play By Our Own Rules

LA Frenchie clothes are made to wear when you want, how you want, and that’s it. Whether you want to dress up, or lounge around LA Frenchie plays by your rules.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Est. 2014

Our Story

LA Frenchie embodies the synergistic blend of American Industrialism with the French philosophy of Laissez Faire. The story of LA Frenchie is depicted through the designs of three humble Angelenos.

Our tastefully designed clothing pays homage to some iconic styles while some pieces are meant to intrigue your mind through the use of parodic creative.

While wearing our clothing you will feel as if you are sitting at Royal table, knowing that your fashion choice is one that takes into consideration our environment.


LA Frenchie vows to preserve the existentialism they so kindly brought over the pond. Also, we just want to make you giggle.

Our Goal

Take a breath, and relax with style.

Be a part of our little revolution. La Frenchie is all about finding beauty in the simple. Keeping it all in perspective. Show off your laissez-faire.


This is Us.

These three friends started a brand called LA Frenchie, because we had dream and want you to be a part of it.

Come have fun with us, period.

Stuart Lafferty


Myron Batsa


Carissa Blades-Tiley